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When I was a kid my Dad would play checkers with me. My eight year old brain would stare for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out the perfect move to victoriously win the game.  Marty Brennaman would be announcing the Reds game while I sat on the olive shag carpet of the living room floor with my chin lazily nestled in the plump palm of my hand, just waiting for the triple jump revelation to arrive.

“You’re overthinking it, kiddo.” he would offer my way as his eyes remained fixated squarely on the television set waiting for the outcome of the current batter at the plate, my Dad always turned down the sound on the TV set  opting instead to listen to Marty on the radio. I was a teenager before I realized they actually did provide an announcer with the television broadcasts. That would become a habit of mine throughout life, overthinking, analyzing each little component until I forgot what I was  even trying to accomplish  in the first place. When I first began to think about the upcoming year, how I could achieve the goals that would allow me to have total knee replacement on my terms, I was all over the place in regards to how to make it happen. Then out of the blue, I could hear my Dad’s words fighting for a place inside my crowded mind as the answer became clear.

I have a year and a goal to lose and additional 75lbs, which is where I want to be in order to have the total knee replacement on my left leg in late August or early September of 2016. Following the success in 2011 of the dog-lbs project, I am going back to what I know, what works for me and I am hoping again to help some very worthy dogs while I am at it by partnering with the amazing dog rescue Recycled Doggies. We will be featuring a rescue dog every few months who is suffering from either a chronic condition or has some kind of mobility issue. Any donations will go to care for that particular dog, so you get to know a little bit about the specific dogs you are helping when you give.

There are several things a little different from when I first attempted a year long project, the biggest is my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis paired with the current bone on bone knee situation makes the way I exercise a little different,  but that will be half of the fun (yes FUN- attitude is everything!) Almost all of my work outs will be done in the water, but as I am learning there is a whole world of aqua fitness to be discovered. Lindsey is on board from Knoxville to help me keep me motivated and in line as always, and I will be checking in with her several times throughout the week regarding work out strategy and nutrition. Then there is the dreaded “weigh ins”  to deal with, right? Well I am currently seeing three doctors on a regular basis so the idea of getting myself to another Dr’s office for a weigh in not really going to work this time around. Have no fear at all, because I have the perfect solution for this dilemma!


My "Step Right Up" guy!

My “Step Right Up” guy!


Yep, my partner in crime at work has agreed to be my accountability on the scale. Every two weeks Scott will weigh me in and we will post the results, of losses, gains or stay the same results on line in a creative picture of sorts, we will try to make it fun! Scott recorded a starting weight last Monday, September 1st and will have the first weigh-in next Monday, September 14. This of course is where I am asking you to help us out by raising money for Recycled Doggies.  One dollar for each pound I lose (or any amount you care to give) to be donated directly to Recycled Doggies. While I have been unable to foster for over a year now, my commitment to help them give hope to dogs that have been betrayed, dogs that have very little chance of making it out of high kill shelters alive, dogs like Tristan, are still at the forefront of my efforts and a cause that remains close to my heart as I continue this journey.

I will be blogging along the way, with all the no holds barred honesty I can muster up. It’s going to be a hard year, and I know there will be many challenges ahead, but in the end I am grateful for an opportunity to make a small difference in the world around me, a chance to learn more, get healthier and get a new knee at the end of this year long challenge. The name for this particular challenge will be called the “Eveyone Kneeds A Little Love” me, you, the dogs. Love is where it’s at and I am going to ask you to consider helping me with three things to help show the love.

#1 – Share the dog-lbs Facebook page and ask people to “like” the page and follow along.

#2-Pass along this website to others, especially anyone who might be suffering with RA, or struggling with weight issues, I am hoping this can be a place of comfort and encouragement for all but especially anyone facing those struggles.

#3- Donate. Any amount is put to such good use, and so very much appreciated. The link is at the bottom of this page to give by using PayPal or you can visit the “Donate” tab a the top of the site with other options, or click here.


There is no greater inspiration to me than Tristan, from the broken, dismal dog I first saw in the heartbreaking picture taken at the shelter, to the amazingly brave, and loving dog he is today. When I need to be reminded of what is important, what is possible with patience and love, Tristan is that reminder time and time again.



According to Tristan, the skys the limit!

According to Tristan, things are looking up!



Here’s to the beginning of a crazy new adventure and helping some sweet dogs along the way!

With much love,




Click here to donate to Recycled Doggies!




  1. Pamela Ford says:

    Oh, the water!
    May aqua everything be the answer to meeting your goal. A new knee….now that’s something to look forward to with excitement!

  2. Lillian says:

    I’m definitely in on this challenge. I’ll be looking for the weigh-in results on Sept. 14.

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