Lieutenant Dan

One of my favorite things about Recycled Doggies (and there are many!)  is that they give hope to the hopeless, and so often they take in the dogs no one else can or will. This was certainly true with Tristan, make no mistake about it, Tristan would have been put down without Recycled Doggies. Last week they offered rescue and safe haven to a small dog who is about a year old, weighing in at around 6lbs, who has not had such a good start to life. He was brought in to the shelter with his back two legs broken, both femurs…broken. They named him Lieutenant Dan, and in so many ways his world will never be the same.

What this dog does not know just yet is that he will now have a much different life, he will get excellent medical care, and if it is possible to save his legs they will be saved. More importantly if the news is bad, and they have to amputate he will not be abandoned, or discarded, he will be loved through it all.

This is what Recycled Doggies posted on their Facebook page earlier in the week.

“We think Lt Dan deserves to know the kindness of Recycled Doggies’ amazing fans and supporters. It’s time for him to know love.”

I was able to chat with his incredible foster mom a bit and she had this so say about sweet Lieutenant Dan, He’s a spunky boy despite two broken femurs and back pain. He sees a surgeon at MedVet this week then we will get a plan together to fix his legs. When he bends over to get a drink of water his little back legs come off the ground. He gives kisses and loves to snuggle.

This is a dog who has obviously suffered, been tossed aside and hasn’t seen very much kindness in humanity so far, but still his heart is full of love and his broken body is full of life. I am so honored that he will be our first featured dog on the “Everyone Kneeds a Little Love” project, meet Lieutenant Dan!


Lt. Dan


All of the generous donations raised through the Dog-lbs efforts at this time will go directly to help care for Lt. Dan as his medical team works together in an effort to save this sweet fellas legs, I will post regular updates on his condition as he travels his new found journey.


Perfect timing to talk about donations because today is the first weigh in, I am very happy to report after stepping on the scale this morning with Scott overseeing the numbers, here are the results…



I am down 5.6lbs in the first two weeks!


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
Lao Tzu

with much gratefulness and love-


Click the tab below to help  Recycled Doggies help Lieutenant Dan!



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