Bring me down.

I met with a surgeon on Thursday to discuss my ongoing Achilles tendon trouble and sadly my pipe dream of a quick in, quick out, back on your feet in a few days surgery was blow right out of the water by news that the surgery is a little more involved. They will detach my Achilles tendon, cut out the part that has the tears and is full of inflammation and scar tissue and then will stretch and reattach the Achilles. I went right to YouTube and watched the surgery that afternoon. I am a damn idiot. (Holy *&$! they filet you open like a little carp!)

The recovery will be 4-6 weeks of being non-weight baring and then in a walking cast and then PT, it will take a few months to get back, but I am very optimistic and loved the surgeon I met with, (he was a dog lover and wore cowboy boots!) he explained everything, was very kind and answered all my questions so I am very encouraged by him doing the surgery. One question I asked was if I would do more damage if I waited until the first of the year, and the answer was no. The plan is to do the surgery in the new year, that gets me through some very busy times at work, moving out of our offices at Music Hall and settled into the new space, as well as my commitment to bartend for Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park. Plus I would rather be laid up in January when it’s cold and gross than in Fall, which is my favorite time of the year.

Let me say this loud and clear, this new development will not set me back. I will not use this as an excuse to slack off in any way. If I can swim, I can totally do this, so forward we go! Today is weigh in day and Scott is off on vacation, so I asked my dear friend Amy to come keep me honest, and she wasted no time rushing over to get the results! (Thank you Amy! <3 )


Down 2.5lbs this go around.


It’s not as much as last week, but I am working hard and know that any direction downward is a very good thing in the long run. We win the race with a steady pace and taking the hurdles as they come, whether it be on the scale or in the doctors office, life happens so we move forward best we can.

Speaking of moving forward, sweet Lt. Dan is settling in at his foster home and doing well. Still working on a plan to deal with his broken legs, so please if you would like to donate any amount would be used exclusively for this little guys care through Recycled Doggies! Just click the link at the bottom of the page to make a donation.


Lt. Dan

How cute is this little guy! Getting lots of snuggles from his foster mom! Please consider helping Lt. Dan, with the costly care for his broken body, but not his broken spirit!


More soon!






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