Imagine being dumped all alone, sick, and scared. No really, close your eyes and think about a time you were really sick, hurt, and didn’t know what to do. Then think about what it would feel like to be dumped,  left all alone on a dark, rural road. That is exactly what happened to our next featured dog, whose name is Lydia. This sweet girl was found full of mange, worms, malnourished with a fever and limping. She miraculously has found her way into a loving foster home of the amazing dog rescue, Recycled Doggies.

Her foster mom, who is one of the kindest souls I know, has made sure Lydia knows she is safe, loved and life will be so much better from now on. She has a long road ahead of her, and will need medical care going forward. I am happy to say that I hope to help with those medical expenses a bit, in December I am proud to tell you I lost 8.5lbs and would ask you to make a donation to help with Lydia’s care. Any amount helps so much toward helping this little girl get healthy! Speaking of donations, I am always so thrilled and beyond grateful anytime someone gives to this cause, but one in particular really made me smile. Nate sent in a donation that was made up of a portion of his allowance from a whole year. WOW! It’s a wonderful honor that he chose to help the dogs of Recycled Doggies with his money. Thank you Nate, for giving me hope for our next generation of animal lovers, I am in awe of what an awesomely cool cat you are! (or dog? no cat! a cool cat for sure!)

Here are some sweet pictures of Lydia and if you are looking to make a year end donation to a cause that will change the lives of dogs who so often see the worst of humanity, you can make a huge difference by helping Recycled Doggies help Lydia. The link to donate can be found at the bottom of the page, and me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the donations we have gotten so far this year and for those of you giving to help Lydia! <3


On her freedom ride out of the shelter in route to her new wonderful foster home.

On her freedom ride out of the shelter in route to her new foster home filled with love.



That sweet face says it all!

That sweet face says it all!




Ahhh, a soft place to rest her weary bones, a warm sweater to cover her tender skin, and Mr. Ducky to watch over her. You’re safe now sweet girl.



If you would like to give to Recycled Doggies to help with Lydia’s care please click the link below to use Paypal or you can send a check directly to Recycled Doggies mailing information can be found here.



Thank you!!!!!



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