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  1. Cherie says:

    Hi Lori – I can’t seem to post comments lately so I’m sending them this way.

    To the entry from 2/19:
    Im so sorry that happened, but good for you for standing up for yourself – those kids needed to know that was wrong!

    Randomly, if you go to you can get a free sampler of some of Emily’s new stuff!

    And from 2/10

    Thank you so much for helping the woman in the shelter with her dog. I work at a women’s domestic violence shelter and sadly the thought of not taking their pet with them for fear of what might happen when they leave, is too much to bear, and so they stay. There was a local story a month or so ago of a Great Dane who laid on top of his owner as her abuser was trying to hit her with a hammer, and thankfully a shelter in the KC Metro area took both of them in, and are also building permanent kennel space. We have had agreements with a few local boarding facilities but unfortunately as policies and management change, these are not permanent options. A friend of mine also helped build a pet facility for a women’s shelter in NV – I am hopeful this will continue to be a trend, until there is no need.

    You’re a rockstar – I love reading your posts each week. Take care of you.

    Cherie (like Sherry)

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Cherie!

      Thanks, it felt good to stand up and not let those kids get away without any consequences! Do you mean Amy’s new album? Lung of Love? I listened to a bit of it and really liked what I heard! Do you know what is up with Emily? I had tickets to two concerts end of last year and they both got cancelled. 🙁

      I am glad I was able to help the woman in a small way, there was a gentleman by the name of Rich who went above and beyond and has even been visiting the dog at the shelter he is being held until she gets out of treatment. I don’t know that I could leave without mine. It will not be until the laws stop viewing pets as property until anything changes, I know the tides are turning and slowly there is change coming, which is long overdue! Thank you for all the work you do, I can’t imagine what you have seen and how hard the work you do can be. The story of the Great Dane is heartbreaking but also amazing in what our pets will do for us and the unconditional love they have! That God for the shelter that took them both in! I too hope this will be the trend going forward!

      Thank you for reading the posts and for your continual support and kindness!

      *hugs back* 🙂

  2. Bud Walters says:

    O.k. So you gained 4 lbs. Remember you are exercising more and muscle weighs more than fat. There can be another variable eg. water weight.
    The scale is only a guideline not a truth. The truth is… do your clothes feel looser? Are you in a better frame of mind? Can you walk/ swim better? Remember when we talked? I have been exercising 6x per week and still weigh the same but my clothes fit better. Keep up the good work and kepp exercising . Set your goal to walk / swim a little further each day, even if it is three steps. you will be surprised at the results. xoxo

  3. katy Brown says:

    Do you have a facebook page ? i would love to follow your progress and support you in all your efforts to lose weight and save dogs as those are both passions in my life also. I could tand to lose around 100 lbs myself. I have 4 dogs of my own and do what i can to help rescue and feed others. I just know that facebook would generate so much support for your cause, there is a great animal comunity there so if you don’t already have a page please consider it. thanx good luck, and God bless.

    • Kellie says:

      I agree with Katy. Actually I found your blog via a post on facebook.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Katy,

      I do have a facebook page…just created it today. 🙂 My website just went up on Thursday so I am still working out some things. The facebook page is
      and I would love for you to follow along! Thank you for your support and for being a dog lover too! 🙂

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