10.13.13 brown basmati rice+roasted root veggies with a caramelized onion coconut cream (vegan)
9.11.13 heirloom tomato+zucchini+smoked swiss in phyllo
9.5.13 Vegetable and Tofu Lasagna
8.22.13 Pad Thai with Crispy Tofu
11.28.12 Deconstruction. (Recipe for baked apples with honey infused goat cheese and a healthy Chicken Parm)
11.24.12 sweet potato+zucchini+goat cheese bake
11.10.11 wild mushroom pita chips with garlic kale chips (pic)
10.17.11 veggie meatloaf+applewood cheddar+honey bourbon bbq sauce
9.18.11 eggplant parmesan
9.18.11 chicken piccata with wild mushrooms, leeks, and edemame over wilted spinach
9.5.11 applewood cheddar stuffed turkey meatloaf with carmalized onion BBQ sauce
9.1.11 marinated grilled chicken with zucchini, jicama, carrots, edamame + goat cheese

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