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First you need to know what Recycled Doggies is all about if you are not familiar with the work they do.  It’s simple really; they are a group of amazing people who work together to save the dogs no one wants. The dogs that have been abused, neglected, the elderly dogs who can no longer play or are not as cute as they once were, the dogs who need medical treatment that no one wants to or has the means to pay for, the dogs who are left behind when the only family they have known leaves without them. Recycled Doggies saves dogs that have no hope and are facing death in shelters simply because they exist.

Co-founded by Shannon DeBra and Shera Keeton the non-profit organization has saved several hundreds of dogs from death. They also recognized the need for pet food assistance to keep dogs that have loving homes out of shelters, so they created the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry which provides assistance to low income families by supplying them with food for their pets. A passionate, grassroots organization that finds its strength in a network of volunteers and leadership who work endlessly with one mission in mind…saving dogs.

Sometimes they save people along the way…

I adopted my schnauzer “Maggie” from Recycled Doggies just about one year ago, at a time when my life had been turned upside down. I had little faith in the world and even less faith in the people in it.  I can’t remember experiencing a darker time in my life. It seemed everything that had been my reality changed in a split second and I was doing nothing but going through the motions.

I found the one thing that I was willing to commit to was anything that had to do with this dog rescue. It started out by chipping in a few dollars here and there to help specific dogs. I loved reading about the dogs and the progress they were making and I loved seeing them get adopted into loving homes. I decided to volunteer at the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry on distribution day and I found it to be a very special experience. The people that were there standing out in the freezing cold for food so their pets could have something to eat was very touching. The kindness and compassion they were treated with from the staff of the pantry spoke volumes to me as to what this effort was all about, and I wanted to do more.

From there I began to get more involved working adoption events, trying to find ways of how my life and connections could benefit the organization and the dogs. I began making some wonderful friends and just felt grateful for feeling like I had a purpose again. The darkness I felt was slowly losing its battle to puppy breath and cute dogs with wonky teeth and overbites that would bring a smile to my face.

Then I began fostering, and Tristan came into my life. You can read more about Tristan and his amazing story here. My life has been changed because of Recycled Doggies, the people, the dogs and the hope I have for the future. Please help  make a difference for the dogs that need us the most.

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