Weight Timeline/Photos

I continue to work hard in efforts to lose more weight, become healthy and strong both mentally and physically as I continue on this journey to find the beauty in myself and the world around me.

Below documents the first of the dog-lbs project.


In the first year of the dog-lbs project I lost 72 lbs, below are some pictures documenting the journey.

-9/6/12 Lost 4lbs bringing my weight to 319 72lbs lost (This is the weigh in for the one year mark)

-8/17/12 Lost 1 lb bringing my weight to 323 68 lbs lost
Lost 2 lbs bringing my weight to 324—67lbs lost
Lost 5lbs bringing my weight to 326—65lbs lost
-7/6/12 Gained 2lbs bringing my current weight to 331 —60lbs lost
Lost 5lbs bringing my current weight to 329
Lost 1 lb bringing my current weight to 334
Stayed the same  bringing my current weight to 335
Lost 4lbs bringing my current weight to 335
4/26/12– Lost 4 lbs breaking through the 50lb mark! I have lost 52lbs and current weight is 339 (my starting weight was 391)



















3/1/12        6.9.12
















8/2/12 …. 67 pounds down






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  1. Julie Pratt-Gray says:

    hello lori i just want to say how proud i am with your weight lose i just want to tell you what i told my mother when she was trying to lose weight(she is5’2″ and weighed over 380 lbs) but just remember when you hit a bump in your weght lose always even if you lose only one lb that is something to be proud of and always remember that you are going to hit some walls in this process but never ever give in just keep fighting and going forward Good Luck Lori praying for you everyday (i pray that you pass your goal of 100lbs)

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank you Julie, it is so true that it is a battle to just keep fighting and to remember that the number is only part of the journey. I am learning to have a healthy relationship with food, let go of my past toxic behaviors. Along with working out, and pushing myself to get stronger and move myself forward little by little progress does come! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    You are doing so great!!!! Keep it up Lori!!!! 🙂

  3. Time for a new photo? Call me.

  4. Barbara Belkoff says:

    I’m so impressed I’m gonna do this and keep in touch with you….I will have my 2 dogs-one a rescue-“shlep” me and I will accompany you on this trek. Semi-employed and needing to lose weight too I will donate to your fair cause, Sister.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Barbara! Thank you for the note and for the kindness and support!! Come on along for the ride, look forward to you following along! I appreciate your generosity and look forward to hearing more! Yay for dog lovers!


  5. Moody says:

    Update!!! Update!!!! Update!!!!! Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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